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Contents for a Recent Chemical Outlook

    • U.S. economy. (Page 1)
    • Europe's Economy. (Page 2)
    • China's Economy. (Page 2)
    • India's Economy. (Page 2)
    • Brazil's Economy. (Page 2)
    • Effect of Fracking and LNG on Oil Prices, with Forecast. (Page 3)
    • Energy Impact of Data Centers. (Page 5)
    • U.S. Becomes for Self-Sufficient in Nitrogen. (Page 5)

    • Economic, Chemical and Energy Indicators: Slowing Likely. (Page 6)

Other Developments

In a study for a trade association, Probe recently applied its proprietary methodology for allocating specific types of economic activity to the States and the 435 U.S. Congressional Districts. The results show State governments, as wells as Congressmen and Senators, how their jursdictions are benefitting from the activities of your industry.

Probe has updated its model and database to track goods, such as chemicals, polymers and forest products, that are contained in the exports and imports of other goods, such as automobiles and apparel. This analysis will help you understand offshoring vs. reshoring, as well as the hidden foreign trade impacts on your business. The resin-oriented studies show the real U.S. trade balance in HDPE, LLDPE, polystyrene, polypropylene, PVC, ABS/SAN, polycarbonate and epoxies. Extensive databases are included.

DISCLAMER: Probe Economics LLC is not a licensed investment or financial advisor and makes no warranties with respect to the observations and forecasts presented here, other than to have developed them in a diligent and professional manner, and assumes no liability for consequential damages resulting from any use made of these observations and forecasts.

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